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The Boy Inside The Window

Welcome to my personal blog, an account of coming to terms with a late diagnosis of ASD (autistic spectrum disorder). I hope to share many stories of my growing up process and adult life and, in doing so, help others like me who function just a little differently to the majority. Firstly – how did I chose the title?

The answer is pretty simple really although it did take a lot of thinking to come up with “The Boy Inside The Window”. During my childhood and especially at school I was always in my own little world and often accused of daydreaming. When I think back to then and to my life now I was, more often than not, staring out the window. People would think I was bored in their company. I wasn’t. I was just trapped indoors. My main interests are cycling, walking and photography – all outdoor pursuits. I have a burning curiosity about the world around me, if I go anyway and find myself staying in a B&B, hotel or rental property one of the first things I want to do is go and explore from the doorstep. Even if it’s just a short walk around the local streets I want to be out seeing what’s around me.

I’ve spent the vast majority of my working life outdoors. I worked for many years in a customer service role in the electricity and gas industry, walking or driving around Tyneside & Northumberland visiting customers properties and I certainly spent more time on the move than checking meters. Changes within the industry gave me the opportunity to embark on a new vocation and now I work as a cycling instructor and ride leader, again my work is virtually all outdoors (and a hell of a lot more rewarding than reading meters). There have been other jobs in between, retail work, delivery work and an attempt at being a freelance photographer. I’ll probably revisit all this in more detail as my life story unfolds.

So, that boy inside the window, looking out, is me and now I’m going to start looking in the window into who I am and how my condition defines me. I hope you’ll join me and feel inspired by my stories.